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«African Refugees Foundation.»

Chief(Mrs) Opral Benson OON, F.IoD

Chief(Mrs) Opral M Benson OON,F.loD,C. Dipi


Chief (Mrs) Opral Mason Benson obtained a B.Sc. degree in Education from Morris Brown College, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 1958, and a Master of Arts Degree in Education from Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She obtained a Diploma in Administration from Pittsburgh University in 1961 and a Certificate in Communications from Michigan University in 1961. Chief (Mrs. Opral Mason Benson has an impressive Public Service Career both in Liberia and in Nigeria. She is a Nigerian woman whose success in life lies in qualitative and sound education. She believes that the history of great achievers all over the world revolves round good moral background, high sense of purpose, discipline, loyalty, patriotism and hard work..

Chief (Mrs) Benson is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, Nigeria, Member of the Institute of Directors, United Kingdom.

Olujimi Olusola III

Olujimi Olusola is the CEO of AREF.

Over 15 years’ experience in program management, strategic refugee and human migration project management and building of institutional capacity.

Verifiable skills and experience doing communications planning and implementation across a wide array of stakeholders Experience planning, organizing, analyzing, and gathering data for documentation and public dissemination. Ability to develop youth and women specific initiatives

International Fellows, Charles F. Kettering Foundation, USA. Researched capacity using dialogue and democracy theories and strategies for conflict transformation work in African nations.. Worked with program officer to support partners to implement their activities by providing guidance, formal and informal training in technical areas and project and organizational management. Fostered and support active engagement between civil society and local government and networks among civil society groups.

Chief Segun Olusola mni
OFR(Founder 1935-2012)

Founding President, African Refugees Foundation, (AREF) and Ajibola Moniya Gallery.

Ambassador Chief Segun Olusola, a veteran Broadcaster, Diplomat and ace Television Producer was born at Iperu-Remo on the 18 th of March, 1935 . He hails from Iperu-Remo in Ogun State of Nigeria . He attended St. John’s Catholic School and Wesley School , Iperu-Remo from 1941 to 1947. He did his secondary school education at Remo Secondary School , Sagamu between 1941 to 1947. He proceeded to the United States of America for his University Education – between 1948 and 1961 where he attended Syracuse and Pittsburgh University respectively. After his University Education, he returned to the country and worked with the Nigeria Broadcasting service (now FRCN), Ibadan as Broadcasting Officer, 1955 – 1959, Executive Producer, WNBC/WNTV Ibadan, 1959 – 1964.

About us

The evidence is now overwhelming that most of the binding constraints in development are about institutions and institutional change. At the various interlocking levels of the development process in developing nations, the prevailing institutions the formal and informal rules underpinning behavior undermine optimal use of the available financial and human resources. Institutions that might enable people to act decisively in their collective long-term interests are either missing or distorted.

The way institutions work in practice is shaped by the underlying distribution of economic, social and political power by the nature of the underlying elite bargain or political settlement. Both power structures and institutions can change, as people at different levels of society find ways of overcoming normally prohibitive collective action problems. This is why the change processes matter. Progressive institutional change is the core of what development is about. AREF (African Refugees Foundation) seeks to promote that.

Our Activities Include

  • Community and Learning Participatory Initiatives
  • Vocational Training Programmes
  • Peace Advocacy Projects [Workshops & Publications]
  • Training of Mediators and Political Educators for African Communities